Traveling Vegan

Eat Smart, Feel Good, Travel Better

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Eating healthy while traveling can sometimes seem impossible, but the trick is to not settle for what is comfortable.

While walking the streets of Paris we came across many restaurants that we recognized, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and even a Shake Shack. It would’ve been very easy to walk in any of those restaurants and know what and how to order.


We walked right by the American fast food. Traveling puts stress on our bodies and we want to feel our best so we can enjoy our trip to the fullest. That is the same case in every day life at home, we want to feel our best all the time.

Instead of settling for what was familiar, we kept our eyes open for key words such as Vegan, Gluten Free, Fresh, and Organic.  Within a ten minutes of strolling past all the fast food, we came across several fresh juice shops, gluten free restaurants, and vegan menus. Almost all of the restaurants place a menu outside to view before going in, so it is very easy to find what you want and learn what you don’t want. The same goes for most tourist spots across the globe. When you put your energy into eating food that will give you energy, it becomes easier and easier to keep up that momentum.

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